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We are a make in India company that has a superior record in manufacturing supplements for living a healthy life. Each product we have is well formulated and tested by a team of doctors & experts ensuring the best product quality for our customers. We always trust in getting the customers back by delivering the top quality products.

The vision is very much clear to deliver the quality and strengthen Make in India drive by providing our products at the best prices as well. We have followed the FDA standard as well so that all of the customers get proper assurance on our high-quality products. As a customer, you can trust our capable team for delivering quality products.





Web Herbals MAXIORAC works on the principal of Ayurveda, it works naturally inside our body and never show any side effects (guaranteed).

Free delivery and no hidden charges pay the exact same amount at the time of delivery that you are seeing on your computer screen.

For achieving the best result you have to consume 1 tablet daily at night after with lukewarm water or milk daily without leaving any day.

Yes, Web Herbals MAXIORAC is 100% effective ayurvedic medicine that is made with the blend of 10 Ancient herbs, that have lots of proven medical properties.

We never compromise with our quality standards as customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are ISO 9001 Certified, GMP Certified, FDA Certified and all our products are clinically tested.

Yes, apply code ‘FLAT10’ to get instant 10% off on the 3-month pack.

The best part about ayurvedic medicine is no need to change your current lifestyle. Do whatever that makes you happy. In short, No strict diet plan or any precaution required.

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