Domestic Orders of India:-

We ship our order to domestic customers via different courier partners in 3-4 days.

We take around 24 hours to get the order processed followed by the next 3-4 days till the order reaches to respective customers.

There is no need to pay the shipping or delivery charge for any of the product at the customer end.

We have our warehouse located at-

MV Colony

Mathura (U.P.) 281002


[email protected]


International Shipping:-

We ship all international orders from our facility in India via India Speed Post, a facility from the Indian government to courier all shipments hassle-free and fast

There is no need to pay any custom duties, taxes or delivery charge.

Once customers process and pay for the same, we initiate the delivery process within 1-2 days, Parcel reaches out to customers across the world in a delivery time of 1 week.

We ship to more than 200 countries worldwide.

# We Create naturals.

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